Meon Milton Youth FC

JCL Group proudly supports Meon Milton Youth FC, a youth football club based in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Established in 1986, with the help of local enthusiasts who recognised the limited opportunities for organised football in the Milton and Eastney area for young players. 

JCL Group take pride in being affiliated with Meon Milton Youth FC, a FA chartered standard club that caters to a diverse range of teams spanning from 5-year-olds up to Under 16s. This inclusive approach invites boys and girls of all skill levels and backgrounds to partake in the game, fostering a sense of unity within our community.

Meon Milton Youth FC is a club that prides itself on its values of inclusivity, respect, and enjoyment. The club is committed to providing a positive experience for all its players, regardless of their ability, and encourages an environment of mutual respect and fair play.

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