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JCL Group has evolved with the careers of the Laly family.  As qualified pharmacists, Mr and Mrs Laly initially started a recognised brand of pharmacies across the city of Portsmouth, earning respect and loyalty from the local community through years of providing healthcare services and support.

The couple has always passionately believed in, championed and acted upon the ‘community’ in community pharmacy, donating to local charities, opening a coffee shop in one of their stores for local people to socialise, and being the first to volunteer for a range of national pilots, from the ‘Healthy Living Pharmacy’ scheme to COVID vaccinations, that they believed would be of benefit to patients.

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Joined by their son, Raj Laly, who also has a background and highly respected career in medical and primary care, JCL Group is taking on more pharmacy contracts across the South of England, managing building projects for residential and commercial use, and investing to help businesses which share its values to grow.

From the 2000s, the Lalys began contributing to the development and rejuvenation of the community surrounding its pharmacies by investing in property. In 2008, they purchased a prominent, but derelict pub ‘The Contented Pig’ near a Portsmouth branch and transformed it into an attractive building of multiple dwellings that received praise and thanks from the local community.

The satisfaction from the success of this endeavour established and set the ethos for the JCL Group and all its future projects – that they should be of benefit to as many people as possible.

This continues to be the overall philosophy and goal for JCL Group, where the implementation of any project remains at the heart of its local community.

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